Refinement Escrow is one of California’s premier non-independent broker escrows. We specialize in closing transactions throughout the State of California. We realize you are relying on us and are taking into consideration the years of experience our escrow officers have, the management of the company, whether or not the office has synergy and are able to work together as a team to help each other close your escrow transactions. That is what you will find here at Refinement Escrow, experienced and knowledgeable escrow officers and management that work as a team.

Our Experience:

Our escrow division has two escrow officers and a refinance escrow officer. We have a three person team which ensures your escrow is always receiving the proper attention. Our Senior Escrow Officer has over 35 years’ experience and her partner has over 10 years, they both can help you with your transaction.

Our Escrow Officers have worked for independent escrow companies that were nationwide companies to small independent escrow companies and non-independent broker escrows. The Broker of Pacific Home Brokers has managed independent and non-independent escrow companies for several years. Our escrow division helps you by providing experienced execution and control of your transaction. When you use Refinement Escrow, you will cut out all the guess work as to whether or not the escrow office and officer are diligently working on your transaction to close on time.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to adhere to all the items in your contracts while providing experienced service and close your transaction on time. We will educate all parties along the way during the escrow process. We start this process before the escrow is open by providing our sellers with a net sheet and answering any escrow related questions our clients or agents may have about their transaction. We guarantee satisfaction with our service!

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